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1,000 Sales on Etsy!

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally made 1,000 sales on Etsy.

When I first started out on Etsy, I was completely new to the eCommerce scene. I had no experience in marketing, dealing with customers (good and bad) nor shipping parcels internationally.

Since then, Darny3D has served over 10 countries worldwide. I have shipped hundreds of cosplay props & accessories to many different people, encountered and overcome challenges such as damaged items and lost parcels. It has all been a learning curve that has helped shaped my business into what it is today.

While I no longer put my main focus into Etsy, I have to mention how valuable it was as a startup tool for a fledgling business. Over time, though, the increasing fee’s, advertising costs and lack of comprehensive support has left a sour taste in my mouth regarding the platform. It’s no wonder that so many creators eventually leave it behind, like I have done now.

My Etsy, as some of you will know, is remaining up for my other projects like Apex, Witcher and accessories. But Rainbow Six Siege props are my focus. My priority, and they will always take precedence over all else.

Thank you to everybody who supported and believed in my journey to becoming a successful 3D printing business.

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