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About Darny3D

The story of how my creative journey began...

Catching the 3D-print bug

My Journey Began In 2017

My first foray into 3D printing came after a friend sent me a printed logo for the gaming clan I was in at the time. Holding something that I had designed in my hands, made from plastic, just blew me away. I knew I had to get involved with this amazing technology. I purchased a Flashforge Finder, my first 3D printer.

I started with small things; little keyrings, letters, test prints. The largest thing I dared make with it was a replica dagger from Skyrim.

An explosive change

A New Start

After owning my Flashforge Finder for several months, I was shocked when one day it exploded in a cloud of sparks. But the 3D-print bug was in me, and I used the refund to purchase a brand new machine. With this I began making charms and props from a game called Dirty Bomb; my first foray into cosplay territory.

Splash Damage, the developers of Dirty Bomb, gave me my first entry into commercial 3D printing. They allowed me to make props from their game and build a decent sized audience.

A world of cosplay

Into Rainbow Six Siege

Through my best friend Camcamzoro, I was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege and its cosplay community in late 2017. Starting with small pieces, I have gradually expanded into making larger, more detailed props that Siege cosplayers around the world are proud to use and display. I have met most of them at the Six Invitational.

Together, I help build their cosplays whether it’s a small costume piece they were having trouble finding, or a large prop that is needed to add that finishing touch to a cosplay long in the making.

A Long Journey


Andrew Campbell
I promise to work harder than anyone else for the Siege cosplay community! I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of my friends, peers and others who have supported me and pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone, limits and show what I am truly capable of. My work ethic is to give the best to a community that deserves the best.
Andy is amazing!
Montreal, CA
Andy's work is just astounding. He puts 200% of himself into creating something amazing, and I can't ask for a better replica for my cosplay.
Ontario, CA
Professional branding for business

Hanjosi Art

All the branding on my website and for my business has been lovingly created by the wonderful Hanjosi (@hanjosi) who works for DarkZero as an art intern. Her work has captured my eye for years, and I am very proud to use her as my branding artist. 

She has expertly captured what Darny3D is about, and provided great resources for my business to build & expand over the years.

Prusa 3D Printers
High-quality printers working 24/7

The DARNYbots

The two main workhorses of my business are two Prusa i3 Mk3S+ 3D printers made by Prusa Research in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Original DARNYbot was purchased in 2018 as a kit which I assembled myself, and have been improving since then. It also features Prusa’s MM2S unit, which allows me to print in up to 5 different colours/materials. The New DARNYbot is another kit build, but uses much newer parts and components than my Original. I use it for single-colour prints or long-haul jobs.

I also have an ELEGOO Mars 2 for detailed, resin printing.

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