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Rainbow Six Siege Sledge Cosplay

My Rainbow Six Sledge Cosplay

On March 1st, I transformed into Sledge for my first ever cosplay photoshoot. Together with Alasdair Watson Photography from Glasgow, he was brought to life straight from Rainbow Six Siege. Here is my Sledge cosplay.

L85A2 Blog Image

Creating the Black Ice L85A2 Skin

Today I finished my replica of the L85A2 for my upcoming Sledge photoshoot on the 1st of March. Here’s how I made my Black Ice skin.

Smoke Cosplay by Elly_Nell

Elite Smoke Cosplay – Elly_Nell

You absolutely cannot miss Smoke, unless his gas is choking you and burning your eyes. But Elly_Nell manages to shine through the haze with this awesome Sanguine Arsenic Smoke cosplay!

Nokk cosplay from Rainbow Six Siege

Nøkk Cosplay – Aeicos

Nøkk is one operator you don’t wanna bump into at night, and Aeicos manages to pull her off with terrifying accuracy.

Jäger Cosplay – Killimaze

Have you heard of Killimaze? Yeah, I think he’s played Siege once or twice.

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