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Caveira Cosplay Feature – ToffeeBit

Caveira’s coming for you! ToffeeBit knows just how to interrogate.

ToffeeBit has to be one of the most talented people I know, and have the good fortune to be friends with.

I first started talking to her back in 2019, when I reached out to her for a commission request. Since then we started talking about cosplay, and other games. Though Toff and I never played Rainbow Six Siege together, we enjoyed a shared love of art.

On that note, I have to say that ToffeeBit is one of the most talented artists I know!

I, sadly, was never honoured to see Toff in cosplay when I met her at the SI2020, but I knew about her Caveira cosplay which she did at Gamescom 2017.

ToffeeBit’s Caveira at Gamescom 2017

At the time, I was still a novice in the Rainbow Six Siege community, but I was and still am blow away at the detail Toff managed to put into Caveria – and how scared I am looking at her scowl as Caveria.

Every piece of her cosplay, from the makeup to the boots, just shows a rare dedication to the craft. Even more impressive is considering this was in the very early days of Rainbow Six Siege and its fledgling cosplay community! TofeeBit easily stands as one of the forefront cosplayers, even if her Caveria would much rather stab me in the back instead and interrogate me for all my 3D-print secrets.

Aspira, S__Danske and ToffeeBit at Gamescom 2017

TofeeBit is one of my closest friends, and such a super talented and sweet person. Her work in the community helping other cosplayers, as well as her work at Ubisoft, solidifies how much of a nice person she is. Please consider giving ToffeeBit some love on your favourite social platforms.

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