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Håvard Haugland | Specialist | NIGHTHAVEN

Ace operator card
Born in a quiet but historic village, Haugland benefited early on from high praise and a lack of competition. Consistently the best at whatever he set his mind to, he easily imagined himself as an admired pediatric surgeon and enrolled in medical school. However, he soon discovered that memorizing theory wasn’t to his liking and instead opted for paramedic training in order to get into the action more quickly.

The Norwegian Armed Forces brought him into a new world of achievement. He completed basic training and joined the Norwegian Home Guard, where he acquired a reputation for heroics. After completing his service obligation, he was accepted into the Forsvarets Spesialkommando and took part in a prominent hostage rescue soon afterward. As part of a joint UN operation in Somalia, his tendency toward theatrics and his impulsive nature resulted in him saving Kali’s life. The offer to join NIGHTHAVEN swiftly followed.

Haugland’s love of demolitions & humanitarian efforts led Anja “Osa” Janković to develop his signature Selma Aqua Breacher. Haugland was later instrumental in the construction of NIGHTHAVEN’s R&D facility. In 2020, Haugland was recruited into Rainbow with the help of Kali.

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Device Evaluation

Device: S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher
Operator: Specialist Håvard “Ace” Haugland
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Monika “IQ” Weiss

I’ve reviewed my fair share of climbing equipment, Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. surprised me. Auto-belayers have some application in civilian/hobby spaces but need to be hand-placed – that’s where the S.E.L.M.A. is unique.

The casing ejects a telescopic spike (piton) on sudden deceleration. Some practice is required to ensure the device is optimally placed on contact, but I achieved relative competence after only a few sessions familiarizing myself with its heft and aerodynamics properties. The spike is attached to a pellet, containing both water and explosive, which stays behind as the “mother” descends to the next breach point, while the pellet unfolds and primes for detonation.

It’s an efficient tool, designed to open walls and other vertical surfaces with minimal risk to the user, and anyone awaiting rescue. The size of the hole it creates is effective for search-and-rescue operations, while inbuilt sensors monitor the dept of the deployed piton, measuring hardness and contesting activation where the structure behind the device is likely to be load-bearing.

It’s an example of specialized tech from the private sector that does one thing, and does it well. We’re lucky to have the chance to try it out in other contexts.

– Monika

Cosplay Props for Ace

Ace batteries
Ace's Drill Batteries

Replica of the drill batteries as featured on Ace's outfit.

Ace Helmet Box Nighthaven
Ace's Helmet Box

Replica of the storage box present on Ace's helmet.


Important Guidelines

Cosplay is a fun hobby that allows individuals to express their creativity and immerse themselves in the worlds of their favourite characters. Through cosplay, people can bring their favourite characters to life and showcase their crafting and design skills. However, as with any hobby, it’s important to follow guidelines to maintain a good expectation and stay safe. By planning your cosplay carefully, researching your character thoroughly, and being mindful of your surroundings and any rules and regulations, you can have an enjoyable and safe cosplay experience.

Planning a cosplay can be an expensive endeavour, depending on the complexity of the character’s design and the availability of pre-made costume parts and accessories, as well as with how accurate you want it to be. However, with careful planning and budgeting, it’s possible to create a stunning cosplay while keeping costs under control. Before starting your cosplay project, it’s a good idea to set aside a budget for materials, tools, and any pre-made costume parts that you may need. Additionally, it’s recommended to write a list of everything you’ll need and gather references for your character, such as high-quality images, videos, or illustrations from different angles. Various cosplay guides exist for some of the Siege characters, but some of them are available as HD renders on

Cosplaying in public can be a thrilling experience, but it’s crucial to consider the safety implications of your costume, particularly if it includes replica weapons. These can easily be mistaken for real weapons, which can lead to dangerous and potentially fatal misunderstandings. Therefore, it’s important to follow local laws and any guidelines set out by the convention regarding weapons, such as covering the tips guns with orange safety tips. Additionally, if you’re planning to attend an event in a public area, it’s essential to consider the perceptions of those who may not be familiar with cosplay culture. It’s essential to act responsibly and to represent the community positively.

When attending events or conventions, it’s always a good idea to change into your costume at the venue, rather than traveling in it. This way, you can ensure your costume is neat and tidy, and you won’t have to worry about damaging it during transport. It’s also important to stay hydrated, especially if you’re wearing a heavy or cumbersome costume. Bringing bottled water with you (if the venue allows it) is a smart way to stay hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.

It’s important to remember that cosplay is not consent. Just because you’re dressed up as a character doesn’t mean you have to put up with any unwanted attention. If someone asks for a hug or a photo and you’re not comfortable with it, it’s perfectly acceptable to say no. Likewise, if you see someone being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable, speak up and help them. We should all strive to make cosplay a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone.


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