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Design Blog – Flores’ Gadget

So Ubisoft literally just announced the release of the new operator, Flores, with a small 37 second trailer.

Crimson Heist Reveal

First thing I spotted, aside from his magnificent shades, was the shiny new drone-like gadget. It looks like a remote-controlled bomb, which is interesting to say the least!

Well, 20 minutes later and I’ve finished a rough design of the new gadget for Flores.

First render of Flores’ gadget

While this was only a quick draft, given that we only see it for less than 3 seconds, I think it’s got the rough shape down quite well.

From a production standpoint, I think it’ll be quite easy to make.

Image from the trailer

The LEDs inside the body will be easily done with two yellow/amber LED strips, the single red LED is also quite easy. The wheels seem pretty straightforward, and the body is quite minimalistic.

Overall, I’m fairly confident I can make this. The controller looks to be a standard RC car controller, bought anywhere online, so don’t really have to worry about that. If I’m brave, I might put in some RC parts. We’ll have to wait and see…

We’ll find out more about Flores, and when he’s coming to Rainbow Six Siege, on the 21st.

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