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Meet the Cosplayer: NoLimi7_

Welcome to Meet the Cosplayer, where I introduce you to some of the fantastic, creative talent within the Rainbow Six: Siege community. This series is meant to showcase the amazing cosplayers no matter their skill level or experience.

I sat down and spoke with cosplayer NoLimi7_ about his history with cosplay, what got him into it, the challenges he faced and other things.

NoLimi7_ is 25 years old and lives in the USA. He works in accounting for a hospital, but dedicates a lot of his time to crafting absolutely fantastic cosplays.

Elite Jackal Cosplay

What got you interested in cosplay?

“What got me into cosplay was my passion and love for Rainbow Six Siege. Not many other games have grabbed my interest and attention like this one. I always always intrigued by the different uniforms and designs of operators. So much that I wanted to try and cosplay it. I started out cosplaying Thatcher and then my love for cosplaying grew from there.”

How long have you been cosplaying for?

“I have been cosplaying for around 4 years now. I started off cosplaying Thatcher March of 2019 and am currently cosplaying other operators (Ace/Montagne/Wamai/Jackal) to current date.”

What has been the most difficult part about cosplaying for you?

“When it comes to something being difficult of cosplay, its not so much the cosplay being difficult but the time and management getting it done for a LAN. Aside from that I don’t find cosplay too difficult to do/make.”

When cosplaying, what have been three most important things for you to have with you?

“Three most important things to have on me while cosplaying are; 1) some sort of beverage cause it can get hot under those cosplays and you get dehydrated a lot of the time. 2) A cloth or Towel, youre gonna be sweating in cosplay at some point in time. 3) A Patch or Prop that Shows what Specific Operator you are because while many people who attend LANs are familiar with the Game, there are those who are just learning it and aren’t familiar with too many operators. It helps them out a bit.”

When you started cosplaying, what was an obstacle or challenge that you encountered?

“I’d say my first challenge/obstacle of cosplaying was trying to make and get details on Montagne’s Shield “Le Roc”. I’m to this day still working on making a full Le Roc Shield. Hopefully I’ll get done with it some time with in the year.”

What advice would you give to people wanting to start cosplay for the first time?

“For those who want to start cosplaying and aren’t sure where to start, my advice is don’t think you have to be the “best” or most accurate cosplayer in the world. What matters is your own and personal satisfaction of the end result. As long as you’re happy with what you produced the community should be too. I like to think the R6 Cosplay community is positive towards most if not all cosplayers and that we all appreciate each others work. So don’t hesitate if you want to start one and are looking for help doing so.”

NoLimi7_ can be found on your favourite social media channels here:

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