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Meet the Cosplayer DawnofShadow

Meet the Cosplayer: DawnofShadow

Welcome to Meet the Cosplayer, where I introduce you to some of the fantastic, creative talent within the Rainbow Six: Siege community. This series is meant to showcase the amazing cosplayers no matter their skill level or experience.

I sat down and spoke with cosplayer DawnOfShadow about their history with cosplay, what got them into it, the challenges they faced and other things.

Dawn is from France, and currently works as a mechanical engineer in the Paris region.

Photo by JK Agency

What got you interested in cosplay?

“My friends @Toffee_bit & @Agent_Mab, who have been in the hobby for longer than I and have always been sources of inspiration through their dedication to the art of the craft and the links it creates between people.”

How long have you been cosplaying for?

“I assembled my first costume in 2016, and really got started in 2018 in order to attend the Six Major in Paris as Caveira.”

Meet the Cosplayer DawnOfShadow
Photo by MlleBellec

What has been the most difficult part about cosplaying for you?

“Keeping on schedule haha. I enjoy every aspect of the process, from the long hours spent looking for exactly the right part, to the modifications and assembly all the way into wearing the complete piece. I’m just not very good at hitting deadlines right.”

When cosplaying, what have been three most important things for you to have with you?

“Snacks, always hide some snacks in small pouches and pockets for any sugar need. Super glue, because stuff always goes wrong when you really hope it doesn’t. The emblems of my friends and community, patches, pins and stickers, because I am who I am today thanks to their love and support through the years.”

When you started cosplaying, what was an obstacle or challenge that you encountered?

“Self-confidence is the biggest obstacle to overcome. It prevents you from enjoying the moment and completing the journey from yourself to your beloved character.”

What advice would you give to people wanting to start cosplay for the first time?

“Once you know who you’d like to appear as, go for it. Don’t stop for doubt or fear of failure. Let your passion drive you and do things in a way you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be accurate, it doesn’t have to be complete or perfect. Try to enjoy the experience and learn along the way. The first ones aren’t usually the most pristine costumes, what matters is everything you take away from it to continue improving and enjoying the hobby.”

Meet the Cosplayer DawnOfShadow
Photo by @robincerutti

Dawn can be found on your favourite social media channels here:

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