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Meet the Cosplayer: SonagiStorms

Welcome to Meet the Cosplayer, where I introduce you to some of the fantastic, creative talent within the Rainbow Six: Siege community. This series is meant to showcase the amazing cosplayers no matter their skill level or experience.

I sat down and spoke with cosplayer SonagiStorms about her history with cosplay, what got her into it, the challenges she faced and other things.

SonagiStorms lives and works in the USA where she is part of a school’s administrative staff.

Hibana – Photo by @JustCosplayPhotos

What got you interested in cosplay?

“As a young child, I loved anything and everything arts and crafts! It was intriguing to see attendees dressed up in elaborate costumes in public, with props and other trinkets created from simple supplies like craft foam. I thought cosplayers were so innovative and creative. I found so much joy recognizing characters and taking photos with them, and I wanted to share this joy with others.”

How long have you been cosplaying for?

“It’s been well over 10 years since I went to my first convention!”

What has been the most difficult part about cosplaying for you?

“Cosplay is an expensive, time consuming hobby – no surprise! In my earlier days of cosplay, I had more time but less funding. As the years progressed, I found the opposite true: now I make my own money and funding is less an issue, but finding free time to indulge in my hobbies is harder to come by. Then, because time is scarce, it’s so hard to wait for things to dry/cure completely… I’m so impatient to do the next step!”

Nøkk – Photo by @Carbonflix

When cosplaying, what have been three most important things for you to have with you?

A first-aid kit (painkillers, antibacterial ointment, bandaids, and eyedrops for starters), nourishment (snacks, water, because you’ll need energy and the food lines are too long at any event), and a mini make-up kit (to touch-up makeup on the go, especially if the hotel room is not nearby).”

When you started cosplaying, what was an obstacle or challenge that you encountered?

“When I started cosplaying, I had to do so discreetly… my parents did not view cosplay favourably, and discouraged it. I had to do everything in a tight space, in my room (planning, crafting, spray-painting, sewing, all of it!) which was incredibly challenging when it came to making complicated costumes and larger props. I’m happy to say that they’ve embraced it a little more now, seeing the creative process and appreciating the effort that goes into everything.”

What advice would you give to people wanting to start cosplay for the first time?

“My advice is, choose to surround yourself with positivity – do not let negative people or negative comments by complete strangers get through to you. If starting cosplay seems intimidating, do it with a friend, or a group. I find that cosplaying with friends is a ton more fun than cosplaying alone!”

Azami – Photo by @JustCosplayPhotos

SonagiStorms can be found on your favourite social media channels here:

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