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Smoke Elite Cosplay

My Smoke Elite Cosplay

I once again returned to the very capable hands of Alasdair Watson Photography in Glasgow, so that he could help me bring my Smoke Elite cosplay to life! Here’s the results:

I had asked Alasdair for some suitable locations where to shoot, and he recommended we try out the Carnbooth Anti-Aircraft Battery – an abandoned WWII installation just outside of Clarkston, Glasgow.

Despite a run-in with the remnants of some fly-tippers, access to the area was extremely easy and we had a great time of it in the ruins. The addition of some Enola Gaye smoke grenades helped make the photoshoot a much more authentic, if not slightly choking, experience.

This was the first Siege cosplay I’ve done as intense work on. The hoodie was made by Kae_PNG, the rest by me. I tried my best to keep it as screen-accurate as possible, and I’m really happy with the results.

Photos were done by Alasdair Watson, who is based in Glasgow. Alasdair is a seasoned, professional photographer who is no stranger to cosplay photoshoots. I have worked with him twice, now, and I am beyond happy with the results. If you are based in Scotland looking for a photographer to help bring your project to life, please consider him.

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