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A brand new site!

Darny3D is launched; the home of Siege cosplay!

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to make something that was my own. Etsy, the platform where my store has resided since 2018, has been a great tool and invaluable in growing my business – but with a spate of IP takedowns and growing discontent among Etsy’s community in regards to how the company runs its site, I no longer feel safe having all my eggs in one basket.

That’s why I’ve begun working on this. – the home of Siege cosplay! It is my hope that this site will work with all members of the Siege cosplay community and grow into an invaluable asset used by all.

Difficult times ahead

Covid-19 has put a lot of strain on me and my business. Suppliers for certain hardware shut down at the beginning of lockdown, border issues with Royal Mail and abroad such as USPS delaying international parcels for weeks on end, all that added considerable stress.

Brexit, too, has been a thorn in my side. European filament producers are now no longer offering their filaments in the British market, and prices for filament have risen, which makes getting a specific colour almost impossible.

But, as we near the end of lockdown here in the UK, things are getting easier. I’m working hard with Royal Mail to ensure parcels make it to their destinations on time. I’ve managed to source decent filament to ensure I can continue printing safely, and I’m designing new props and gadgets to benefit the Siege cosplay community!

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