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Nokk cosplay from Rainbow Six Siege

Nøkk Cosplay Feature – Aeicos

Nøkk is one operator you don’t wanna bump into at night, and Aeicos manages to pull her off with terrifying accuracy.

I first spoke with Anna (Aeicos) when I was developing my Nøkk HEL device, which had been teased back in February 2019 with Operation Phantom Sight. I was very quick to start a design of her HEL Presence Reduction Device, and posted a few progress pics on Twitter.

Inspiring an amazing cosplayer

Anna came across one of these progress pics in July, and said to me that I was inspiring her to work on her Nøkk cosplay. I think she was smitten with the HEL, honestly, and certainly was one of the more vocal supporters of it.

Shortly after, I listed the finished HEL on my Etsy store, and Anna was one of the first to purchase them. Unfortunately, her HEL suffered some damage in transit, and the charging circuit failed to recharge the LiPoly battery inside, leaving her HEL a glorious shade of red/orange. Not ideal.

Through some very late-at-night Discord messages we identified the fault, and agreed to send it back to me for repair. It was fairly simple swap of a component, and once again her HEL was heading back out to her. She was very pleased when it arrived and fully functional.

Over the next few months, she worked very hard at crafting an extremely accurate Nøkk cosplay.

Mind-boggling to-do list for her cosplays

I spotted a few progress pics on her Twitter as she crafted Nøkk; working on patterns, sewing the stripes and patches, and generally creating the entire outfit from scratch.

When that first finished Nøkk outfit pic was posted on Twitter, I was blown away by the quality and care she had put into it. One of our mutual friends commented “Nøkk Squad Nøkk Squad” which gave me a laugh.

Anna and her finished Nøkk cosplay (sans. veil)

Following the completion of her veil, I can honestly say that Anna’s Nøkk is one of the best, and certainly one of the most notable out there. Not forgetting a very, very spooky recreation of a very, very spooky character.

She was very kind to tag me in a few photos of her at some photoshoots with Booliemaud, where her Nøkk cosplay joined the creepiness alongside Boolie’s Caveira.

I had the very great pleasure of finally meeting Anna at the Six Invitational 2020, where she cosplayed as Nøkk. It was such a nice feeling to meet my friend, but to also see in-person the cosplay that had blown me and others away online.

To say that I wasn’t a bit spooked would be a lie. There were at least four Nøkk present at SI2020 (Anna, Aspira, Camcamzoro and OfficialJavo) that I knew, and together they were an incredibly spooky group.

OfficialJavo, Aspira, Camcamzoro and Aeicos – the Nøkk Squad!

I always affectionately refer to Anna as my little sister because she is also very, very talented at 3D printing. Lately she’s created some fantastic projects that left me in awe.

She is a very kind and valued member of the Siege Cosplay Community, and an incredibly talented cosplayer at that. Please give her some love on your favourite social media platforms, and keep an eye open for her upcoming projects. I guarantee they’ll amaze you.

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