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Hello! My name is Andrew Campbell, also known as Andarne, and I’m a professional 3D printer and propmaker. I have over 5 years experience with RepRap 3D printers (Wanhao, Prusa) as well as 3 years experience with DLP/SLA printers (Anycubic, Elegoo).

With professional experience as a self-employed person in the cosplay sector, working to deadlines & with popular content-creators/companies on high-visibility/priority projects, I believe that I can provide you the best quality service available for your creative project.



CAD Modelling

3+ years experience with Fusion 360 in CAD modelling for design and prep of 3D print models.

Print Post-Processing

Skills with sanding, painting and assembly of 3D-printed parts to create realistic replicas.

Social Media

Use of analytics, media creation and scheduling posts to achieve maximum audience visibility.

Web Admin

Management of WordPress sites, as well as basic HTML/CSS coding and design.

Printer Maintenance

Upkeep and maintenance of 3D-printer parts; identifying faults and building new machines.

Technical Support

2+ years experience with Windows support with MCP certification in legacy systems & building PCs.


Featured Works

Project: Outcasters Trophies

Client: Splash Damage Ltd.

Commissioned by Splash Damage Ltd, a British videogame development studio, for these replica character models from their new game ‘Outcasters’ for an internal studio reward.

Worked alongside their Product Lead Lily Zhu and Environment Artist Jack Mudge on ‘Outcasters’ to build these low-poly trophies for the studio under NDA-signed conditions. Made from photopolymer resin, with PLA base using multi-material print methods.


Project: JessGOAT Charm

Client: Jessica 'JessGOAT' Bolden

Commissioned by multi-award-winning eSports caster and analyst Jessica ‘JessGOAT’ Bolden to recreate her branding using 3D printing.

3D modelled using reference images supplied by her to bring her branding to life as both a keychain, as well as a wall plaque for her streaming setup. Small logo was made using photopolymer resin; large plaque was made using the FDM method with PLA.

Ubisoft Nordic Trophies

Project: Rainbow Six Siege Nordic Trophies

Client: Ubisoft Nordic A/S

Commissioned by Ubisoft Nordic with designing and printing 6 small trophies and one large trophy for the Rainbow Six: Siege Nordic Championships 2022.

Overall trophy design was autonomous as long as it incorporated the Nordic League logo, and all specifications were communicated often to Ubisoft Nordic for approval. Trophies were printed in photopolymer resin with the bases printed in PLA plastic. All trophies were then meticulously hand-painted to the colour specifications given by Ubisoft Nordic.

Project: Doc & Lion Chibi Statuettes

Client: Sunshine 'Sunstark' Kim

Commissioned by Ubisoft’s R6 concept artist, Sunshine ‘Sunstark’ Kim, to print and paint two chibi models of Doc and Lion from Rainbow Six Siege. Models were supplied by a third-party with whom I collaborated on design changes for printing flexibility.

Both chibi were 3D-printed using photopolymer resin, then hand-painted to resemble the skins of the characters using acrylics. With the Doc chibi, I attached a custom-cut acrylic visor which rotates up & down and is secured by pins.

Doc and Lion Chibi by SunStark
Y8S2 Recon Drone

Project: Operation Dread Factor Drone

Client: Ubisoft UK

Commissioned by Ubisoft UK with creating a replica of one of two drone skins from the Y8S2 Battlepass for their Battlepass Race community event.

Drone was printed in photopolymer resin. Wood-grain effect was created using stencils and airbrushing, and additional decals created based off of the supplied texture reference file for the drone. Despite a limited timeframe to paint the drone(<24hrs) the project was completed on-time ahead of the event’s launch.

Project: AimLabs MvP Trophies

Client: Playbrain Inc.
Commissioned by Playbrain Inc., I was tasked with designing and making two trophies for Aimlabs for the R6 Japanese Pro League in December 2022. Full design autonomy was given to me, with the stipulation that it included the AimLabs logo.
Final trophy design was printed in PLA plastic, with resin overcoat, and a custom laser-cut mirrored acrylic logo. Also included was a etched brass plaque, and a replica Kiba Blade on top.

Project: Blaze CS:GO Deagle

Client: G2 eSports

Commissioned by G2 Esports, I was asked to recreate a replica of the Blaze skin from CS:GO for one of their members, NiKo. We initially discussed using a 3D-printed replica, but opted for an airsoft replica that I would modify and paint.

Added a custom 3D-printed rail to the underside and hand-painted the design onto the replica. Stickers were also printed to resemble the in-game stickers commemorating NiKo at certain events.

Project: X-Kairos Set Pieces

Client: WarningUP

Commissioned by international marketing agency WarningUP, I was asked to create 6 screen-accurate replicas of the X-Kairos gadget from Rainbow Six: Siege for a media set with Ubisoft.

Despite selling the replicas on my store, I opted to redesign the gadget fully for resin printing. This included 5 segments printed in photopolymer resin which then locked together to form the completed gadget. A magnet in each base allows the client to mount it on metal surfaces.

Ubisoft PREDATOR Gaming Set
At the Six Invitational 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil, I was awarded a community commendation by Ubisoft for the work I’ve done as a cosplayer, propmaker and within the creative community of Rainbow Six Siege.

Official trailer by Ubisoft featuring one of my replica Recon Drones from Rainbow Six Siege.

Review of my replica X-Kairos from Rainbow Six Siege by popular content-creator CoreRoss.

Official clip from the Six Memevitational 2021 where I was commissioned to make the trophy.

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