Green shotgun shell
12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell


Replica 12-gauge shotgun shells, perfect additions to accompany any cosplay. Sold individually.

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Accurate Replica

These are 1:1 replica 12-gauge shotgun shells, moulded from silicone and poured using epoxy resin. Great care has been taken to ensure they are as realistic as possible.

Green shotgun shell
Shotgun shells

Variety of Colour

Specify what colour combination of shell you would like. Gold or silver casing, with red, blue, green or white shell. The choice is yours!

Invitational Friendly

These shells have been designed with the Six Invitational’s strict rules in mind; they are completely solid, and contain no metal parts. They are perfectly safe as part of a cosplay at convention.

Green Shotgun Shells

Additional information

Weight200 g

Epoxy Resin


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