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Round Table of Operators

The premiere cosplay community for Siege

The Round Table of Operators is Siege’s premiere cosplay community, where cosplayers all over the world can join together to discuss their cosplans, look for advice building a cosplay or search for gear.

Darny3D is the official partner of the Round Table of Operators, and all members receive a permanent 15% discount on this store, and 35% discount on my Etsy store.

There are hundreds of amazing community members in the Round Table, and they push for more cosplay representation at the Six Invitational and other official Rainbow Six Siege events around the world.

Round Table Member patch by Poppin’ Shapes

From Photographers to 3D printers, Cosplayers and Patch Makers, the Round Table has it all and is one of the best places for cosplay resources in the world.

Join the Round Table Discord today and belong to the best cosplay community in the world! Let’s spark that creative fire.

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