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Sledge Cosplay Guide

Sledge, the soft breacher and flanker, is one of the default operators in Rainbow Six Siege. He is an attacking operator, and his Caber helps him and his team break through defender’s walls and barricades, allowing a swift and successful resolution to the mission. This guide tells you what I used to create my Sledge cosplay, and how to create your own.

My finished Sledge cosplay
Default Sledge

Sledge’s outfit is a challenging build. While several pieces of his outfit are based from real life, and have real-world equivalents, some parts are unique to the game and will be difficult to obtain if not custom made.

Costume Components

Additional references can be found by visiting Jason Mark’s Artstation.

Main Gear


Sledge’s mask is a mashup between a FM12 gas mask and a M45 Land Warrior. He wears no filters on his mask, and all the ports are closed.

For my cosplay I purchased a model online & 3D printed it, scaled to my own head’s dimensions, in two parts. I then glued them together and applied resin on top which, once cured and painted, gives a very smooth effect. This model is available to purchase & download here. I did alter the vents to match those in-game. The mask also had to be scaled to my own head size.

3D-printed Sledge Mask


The vest that Sledge wears is an ISPL tactical vest in black. His left breast has two medium pouches. Below that is one medium pouch. His right breast has one small grenade pouch. Below that are two additional grenade pouches. On his left size is a large pouch holding a radio receiver. His right side holds 4 green/gold shotgun shells.

On his back he has two large, flat mounting areas that don’t have any pouches. On his right shoulder is the Caber mount. Below, left, is a set of shotgun shell holders for 8 shells.

I managed to find an ex-police ISPL Tactical Vest on eBay, which did not come with any attachments/pouches, which was perfect. It allowed me to add my own pouches to match Sledge.

Ex-police ISPL Tactical Vest without pouches


Sledge uses a Len Dixon CRW leather belt. Len Dixon was the primary manufacturer of SAS leather belts, and this is one piece of the authentic kit that you can still source online. I managed to grab one off of eBay, but it required some modification. Sledge’s belt has four brass buttons on it. The belt I purchased only had two black. So, I 3D-printed an extra set and painted all four in gold.

Len Dixon CRW Leather Belt with custom buttons


For Sledge’s abseil harness, I used a GQ Parachutes Ltd. abseil harness in forest green. This required some modification, as Sledge doesn’t use the full harness. Instead, he only uses the leg-loops connected via the central belt buckle. For mine, I cut the loops and extended them with extra material, joining together with the buckle looping over the front.


The closest I was able to get to the coveralls that Sledge wears was by using a Derby Unitex SBS Coveralls. These are available on eBay in various formats; as a full body jumpsuit, or as individual trousers and jacket. I bought the full suit, but mine did not come with the hood nor the lower right pouch that Sledge has.

Derby Unitex Coveralls with custom hood and pouch

I modified my coveralls to have the hood, as well as the pouch which I then had the Royal Stewart tartan sewed onto. I could not find any coveralls that matched the colour from in-game, but the Derby Unitex ones are a dark blue which shows up well under light. I would not recommend bleaching the material.


Sledge uses Adidas GSG-9.2 boots, and these are very easily found online. However, they are expensive. I paid £150 for my pair of boots. The GSG-9.4 combat boots also work, but they lack the tall back that Sledge’s footwear has.

Adidas GSG 9.2 Boots

Pistol & Magazine Holster

The sidearm that Sledge uses is based on the Sig Sauer P226 (L105A2). The holster that I use is made of fabric, as opposed to the hard plastic one that Sledge uses. For that, I would recommend a Blackhawk Level 2 SERPA. The one I used is a OAREA Pistol Holster.

OAREA Holster, and MiOYOOW Mag Holder

The hard plastic magazine holsters that I use are the MiOYOOW Pistol Mag Holder, but any hard plastic pistol magazine holder will work as they all look similar.


This part was tricky, but I eventually settled on a pair of WTACTFUL flexible gloves in lieu of the standard hard combat gloves. Sledge seems to wear soft gloves without padding or protection, so the choice is yours.



It wouldn’t be a Sledge cosplay without his signature gadget; the Caber. This was easy to source, as I make my own on my store, and it’s available as a DIY kit or a pre-made prop with a metal core for stability.

For my own, I altered my design to have two 8mm rods inside that allow me to disassemble the Caber for travelling. My own Caber is also made from resin, instead of PLA. As such, it weighs almost twice that of my commercial models.

Radio, Tartan & Shells

Sledge uses a fairly simple, but recognisable two-part radio kit. It consists of a square speaker attached to his vest, with a wire running to the larger receiver on his lower left pouch. The entire kit is available on my store.

His coveralls feature a swatch of Royal Stewart tartan on his right leg’s lower pouch. I sell real wool tartan sourced from local mills here in Scotland for both the coveralls and the Caber.

The shotgun shells that he has on his uniform are green with a gold cap. I also sell these, and they are designed to be con-safe. No metal parts.


Sledge has two distinct patches on his uniform. On his left shoulder, he has the logo of the SAS. On his right, he has a Union Jack. I commissioned Poppin’ Shapes on Etsy for these, however they have since stopped making patches so you will need to source them elsewhere. My Union Jack patch measures approx. 6cm x 3.5cm. The SAS patch measures approx. 9.5cm x 4.5cm. Both are attached with velcro to the coveralls for easy removal.

Sledge patches
Patches by Poppin’ Shapes

This is a fan-made cosplay guide, and not official. Each piece of gear is the opinion of the cosplayer and should only be used as a recommendation. Availability of each piece of gear is not guaranteed.

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