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Rainbow Six Siege Sledge Cosplay

My Rainbow Six Sledge Cosplay

On March 1st, I transformed into Sledge for my first ever cosplay photoshoot. Together with Alasdair Watson Photography from Glasgow, he was brought to life straight from Rainbow Six Siege. Here is my Sledge cosplay.

The photoshoot took place at the abandoned St Peter’s Seminary outside of Cardross, in Argyll & Bute. It has stood empty since 1987 and was the perfect place for us to conduct the photoshoot.

Access was easy and despite a tough 15-minute climb up the hill with all the gear, we spent just over 4 hours getting the shots just right and to portray Sledge in an environment he would be familiar with in Team Rainbow and in the field. The dirty, graffiti-ridden environment was a great place to bring Sledge to life.

I also managed to include a few of my props into the photoshoot for that added bit of authenticity. It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to wear Sledge to a convention one day. Though I might not shave my head next time!

To read more about how I created my Sledge cosplay, check out my Sledge Cosplay Guide.

To view all the photos from my cosplay shoot, visit here.

Photos were done by Alasdair Watson, who is based in Glasgow. Alasdair is a seasoned, professional photographer who is no stranger to cosplay photoshoots. If you are based in Scotland looking for a photographer to help bring your project to life, please consider him.

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