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The BLAST Manchester Major

The UK’s first R6 Major, hosted by BLAST & Ubisoft, was a success. It was a wild ride for me, and I’m just taking a few moments to collect some thoughts on the event, what transpired, and how grateful I am.

I have to say that, as far as Majors go, this was a good one. It was my second Major, and the first one held in the UK, so there was no chance I was missing this. Despite some… travel issues (thank you, rain), I got down to Manchester in the end and had a great time.

The three days went by so fast, and so much happened during them. That feeling turning up at the venue the first time, being the first cosplayer there and watching them arrive, to walking around the venue dressed as Sledge and Smoke was fantastic. It never gets old.

The opening sequence was amazing, the crowd brought the reactions like no other event, feeling the entire arena shake with cheers was like walking in a dream.

Photo by @TheAztecTV

Then, after each day, getting to spend time with friends, like dancing the night away in Manchester’s Gay Village with JessGOAT, Chambourine and Dieanic, discussing how to cook chicken properly with Parker and Troy, and the perfect mayhem that was Pixels Bar (including having Jess on my shoulders lol) with everyone… it just can’t be topped.

Being invited to be part of the showmatch was a welcomed surprise; my second time being on the stage, but first time playing the game in front of an audience. It was a ton of fun, and even tho’ we didn’t win, I still had a great time.

Which brings me onto feelings of gratitude. Gratitude to being able to attend the UK’s first Major, as both a guest and a VIP. Gratitude to have met so many wonderful fans, not just of the game but MY fans too; I cannot count the amount of photos I took, or autographs I signed (which still blows my mind). Gratitude for being able to work with Ubi/BLAST in arranging photoshoots for the cosplayers, being the point-of-contact for both sides for that, and seeing all of us in our element, doing our thing. It would be a dream come true if, for the Montreal Major, I would be able to work on the event in an official capacity for the cosplayers.

Showmatch stage. Photo by @itsmeError

I look forward to seeing you all at the Montreal Major in November! Thank you to all who had a hand in arranging this one.

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